If you or a loved one is living with a disability, it is likely that a helping hand will be required to overcome the additionally challenges posed in daily life. However, disabilities needn’t stand in the way of an independent and fulfilled life. The NDIS national disability scheme is one of the most important initiative to help facilitate it.

NDIS removes some of the financial pressure from your shoulders while also guiding you towards the support needed for the best life possible. Home Caring Footscray is an approved NDIS provider that can support you through every stage of the journey ahead. Call 0487 333 555 today to find out more!

What Is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme is an initiative that is managed by the National Disability Insurance Agency to provide funding to disabled individuals that require extra support in their everyday lives. Working with approved NDIS providers, the agency implements an NDIS plan to remove financial strains, allowing individuals to retain their independence.

Disability can impact all aspects of a person’s life, creating new obstacles in a number of daily situations. NDIS is designed to provide support in key areas, covering eight defined areas of care, which are;

  • Home care that covers domestic support and property safety management,
  • Lifelong learning which covers formal and informal development,
  • Health and wellbeing extending to medical care, hygiene, and related issues,
  • Day-to-day living with a focus on independence, personal care, and time management,
  • Employment covering full-time, part-time, and voluntary positions,
    Relationships and personal connections with friends and new acquaintances,
  • Social and community participation and interactions,
  • Choice on control focused on encouraging the element of personal control.

The scheme launched in 2013 and can provide funding for home care, attending classes and courses, mobility equipment, and a range of other features. When a disabled individual is under 65 and requires permanent assistance, while meeting other criteria points, NDIS can have a hugely beneficial impact. However, those rewards are only gained when partnering with the right NDIS accredited providers.

Why Choose Home Caring Footscray?

When seeking support with NDIS, you need an NDIS provider that will make your life as convenient as possible while simultaneously being positioned to offer the necessary care in any aspect of life where it may be needed.

In addition to being one of the most reputable care providers in the country, helping thousands of families in Footscray and further afield, Home Caring goes the extra mile to support you throughout every aspect relating to the NDIS scheme. Our team of experts and advisors can;

  • Provide accurate info in relation to NDIS,
  • Provide an individual NDIS to work on the needs of your loved one, or yourself,
  • Provide full support with the personal goal-setting elements,
  • Provide comprehensive support through the NDIS application,
  • Provide support with changing or updating the NDIS plan according to circumstances,
  • Provide a connection to each individual service of NDIS,
  • Provide full monitoring of the care, including regular feedback,
  • Provide support with any other issue that could surface.

Home Caring Footscray is a comprehensive service that makes the NDIS strategy easier t understand and more convenient to implement and manage. The fact that we are a well-trusted disability care provider with a network of local and passionate caregivers only provides further peace of mind.

How Can Home Caring Footscray Help?

When teaming up with NDIS registered providers, it’s important to know that the process can be quite complicated and varied. A number of contributing factors will influence your individual allocations and what type of support may be available. Home Caring can provide assistance throughout every step.

Overlooking any aspect can lead to incorrect information or misinterpretations that ultimately bring delays and disappointment. We pride ourselves on focusing on the merits of individual applications. This covers a wide range of features, including but not limited to;

  • Confirming that any support relates to the individual’s disability or disabilities,
  • Confirming that financial funding signals value for money,
  • Confirming that any support will directly benefit the participant,
  • Confirming that the funding does not cover unrelated costs,
  • Confirming that funding factors in the support offered by carers, family members, etc.

Home Caring covers all of these points to ensure maximum accuracy throughout the application. In turn, this brings the maximum level of financial support for disability care in relation to the various daily challenges that may be encountered. This is supplemented by our quality care that ensures your lie can be lived to the full in spite of any conditions you may experience.

NDIS Approved Providers & Planners

As an approved NDIS service provider, Home Caring Footscray uses the initiative to spearhead progress and offer tailored disability care that appreciates the benefits of an NDIS plan. This ensures that the focus remains on securing the best results for the individual while adopting any changes that may be required over time.

Our specialised disability carers don’t only handle issues relating to the eight focal areas of the scheme. We also boast a network of experienced carers boasting an in-depth understanding of various conditions, along with the impact that they can have on a person’s life as well as the lives of those around them. We also;

  • Work with the individual and primary caregivers to create realistic goals,
  • Work to ensure the maximum levels of independence, safety, and comfort are gained,
  • Work to rebuild your self-confidence on the back of your conditions,
  • Work in an ethical and transparent manner at all times,
  • Work on your individual NDIS plan using our knowledge of the latest developments.

While financial support is an important aspect of the NDIS strategy, it is also designed to achieve so much more. With Home Caring on your side, you can discover all of those features for yourself.

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Whether looking for help with NDIS for yourself of a loved one, Home Caring Footscray can provide a comprehensive service that enables you to reap the full benefits of the national disability scheme to unlock the very best levels of disability care in the Footscray region.

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