Dementia Care

Dementia Care

If you have a loved one suffering from the early signs of deteriorating memory and cognitive function, finding the right professional dementia care services in Footscray is essential for their long-term comfort and safety.

Home Caring Footscray offers a range of tailored dementia home care aimed to support your loved one through their battle against the progressive syndrome while simultaneously supporting relatives and primary caregivers. To find out more about how we can help your family, call 0487 333 555 today!

Why Choose Dementia Care At Home?

In severe cases of dementia and Alzheimer’s, relocation to a residential care home may be the only option for dementia care. However, anyone that still has the potential to live at home will naturally want to grab that opportunity with both hands.

Dementia home care services allow your loved on to receive the love, support, and compassion needed to live their life in a safe, fulfilling, and dignified manner. Some of the benefits gained from choosing this path include;

  • Remaining in the familiar surroundings of the home,
  • Stay in the same property as a spouse or pet,
  • Retain as much independence as dementia allows,
  • Avoid the upheaval or relocation,
  • Receive one-on-one support when visited by carers,
  • Keep hold of the biggest financial asset,
  • Significantly reduce the expense compared to residential care,
  • Avoid medication or food mix-ups.

While dementia care at home isn’t always a possibility, anyone that can safely use this option will find that the physical, mental, and financial benefits are huge. We provide the best dementia care Australia has to offer, and our dementia carers in Footscray are perfectly positioned to ensure your loved one gains the professional support they require while retaining home comforts.

Why Home Caring Footscray?

Choosing in-home dementia care over alternative solutions can provide the perfect first step to ensuring your loved one receives the care that they deserve. However, you need to know that they are in safe hands. Home Caring Australia is the only service you need.

Since 2015, we have established ourselves as the country’s premier aged care service provider. Our network of professionals, including specialised dementia carers, take great pride in putting the human care back into home caring. By choosing our services, your loved one will benefit from a range of features such as;

  • A fully tailored dementia care service that’s built solely with their best interest in mind,
  • Consistency from a small team of carers rather than dealing with dozens of people,
  • Support with all aspects of dementia care including medical, homemaking, and daily tasks,
  • The emotional support and compassion of dementia carers that establish friendships,
  • A punctual service from carers that additionally relate to life in Melbourne.

Home Caring Footscray provides a professional, reliable, and personalised dementia care built upon a foundation of vast experience in the industry. Furthermore, the service is underpinned by genuine care that extends to the concept of working with primary caregivers rather than against them, guaranteeing the best care for your loved one and peace of mind for you.

How Can Our Home Carers Help?

When selecting home dementia care services for your loved one, it’s important to know what the team of carers are capable of doing. After all, the effect of the syndrome can vary greatly from one individual to the next. Only a personalised service that includes all forms of support that your loved one may need will do.

Home Caring Footscray’s team of experienced and friendly carers can provide a wide range of dedicated dementia care duties covering everything from support around the home to specialised medical care. Some examples include;

  • Administering medications and suppositories,
  • First aid treatments, wound care, and bandage changes,
  • Meal preparations, home cleaning, and housework,
  • Support with using the restroom, daily grooming, and getting dressed,
  • Completing daily errands or providing transport,
  • Engaging with your loved one through mental stimulation to slow decline,
  • Supporting your loved one through light physical activity,
  • Providing companionship at all times.

Dementia is a syndrome that impacts every aspect of the patient’s life, which is why they could require support in a range of situations. Whether it’s daily visits, weekly visits, or another pattern, we provide a convenient, caring, and cost-effective solution. We keep your loved one in safe, comfortable surroundings at all time while also making the necessary adjustments should their situation change.

Dementia Care That Supports Caregivers Too

Dementia is a progressive condition that completely changes the life of a sufferer. However, patients aren’t the only people to be affected by the syndrome. It can cause a range of challenges for relatives and primary caregivers too. Here at Home Caring, we appreciate your desire to play an active role and need for a helping hand.

Looking after a loved one with dementia is demanding, especially when you have other life commitments to consider. Our dementia care in-home services look to support you so that you can help your loved one. This is achieved by;

  • Working to your schedule, even when it’s not set times each week,
  • Providing overnight and respite care to support you in your primary caregiving duties,
  • Tailoring all services to ensure that, together, we can provide consistent care,
  • Compassion and emotional support that extends to you,
  • Assistance with any questions that you may have about your loved one’s condition.

As the primary caregiver, your importance cannot be emphasised enough. We endeavour to support the great work that you’re already doing while also removing some of the pressure from your shoulder. It’s OK to reach out for a helping hand, particularly as your loved one wouldn’t want you to struggle. Home Caring Footscray is the answer.

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Whether you’ve spotted the early signs of dementia, had the condition confirmed by a medical expert, or suddenly find yourself needing help in your bid to care for a known dementia sufferer, Home Caring Footscray are here to provide the support needed to ensure a safe and comfortable environment for your loved one.

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