Home Care Packages

Home Care Packages

If the impacts of getting older, suffering from a disability, or changing personal circumstances have created a few additional obstacles in your life, reaching out for a helping hand is essential. And if you want to retain a sense of independence while still gaining the necessary support, our home care packages are the answer.

Here at Home Caring Footscray, we pride ourselves on building in-home care packages that allow you to gain the assistance you need with compassion and care. To find out more about what we can do for you (or your loved one), give us a call on 0487 333 555 today!

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The Best Home Care Packages In Footscray

Where possible, home care packages offer a range of benefits over alternative forms of living assistance. However, you can only experience those rewards after selecting the right home care package provider. Home Caring boasts a reputation as Australia’s premier in-home care provider, and can provide your family with peace of mind.

Our age care home care packages cover an array of different aspects, guaranteeing professional standards underpinned by a genuine passion and commitment to the patient. Other reasons for choosing us include;

  • We are an NDIS approved care package provider that can support you with funding,
  • We boast an extensive network of professional carers specialising in various care areas,
  • We have a local presence, ensuring punctuality and reliability as well as shared references,
  • We are committed to providing the best care, undergoing regular training to be even better,
  • We tailor all home care packages to provide the best personalised care at the very best price.

Our aged care and disability care workers have helped (and continue to support) thousands of patients throughout Melbourne and beyond. Only the best home care assistance will do for your family, which is why Home Caring is the perfect provider for individuals and their primary caregivers alike.

Home Care Packages For All Levels Of Support

The most important ingredient in the recipe for successful aged care is to focus on individual requirements. No two people are the same, which is why tailoring home care services to meet the personal needs of the patient is essential for long-term safety, comfort, and happiness.

While Home Caring Footscray prides itself on providing personalised services for all aged care plan users, in home care package providers focus on four categorised tiers of service. They are;

Home Care Level 1

The most basic level of care is home care package level 1. This is commonly used by patients that can take care of themselves but require a little assistance with home-related tasks such as gardening, housekeeping, and cooking. The Australian Government, via NDIS, offers home care package funding of up to $8,250.

Home Care Level 2

Home care package level 2 is still a low-level care package or those that can still maintain their independence. The assistance can extends to personal care, transport, shopping, physical exercise, and other daily tasks. NDIS funding is extended to a value of $15,000 for successful applicants.

Home Care Level 3

Home care package level 3 is considered an intermediate level of care, extending to mediation and treatment support as well as social assistance. Home care package level 3 funding is set at $33,000 and can additionally be used for home modifications such as ramp and rail installations.

Home Care Level 4

The highest level of support is home care package level 4, which involves daily visits to the patient and is ideal for dementia sufferers and those with extra requirements due to significant cognitive decline. Home care package level 4 funding can extend to the value of $50,200 for successful applicants.

Home Caring can complete a home care package assessment to ensure that the best service is selected for each individual.

How Home Caring Can Help

In addition to providing award-winning home care for all home care package levels, Home Caring is proud to offer a comprehensive service that takes you through all key steps of the process, this includes analysing the cost of home care packages as well as all logistical features.

Our friendly, skilled, and experienced agents and carers will follow a five-step plan to ensure you gain the right support. The following elements are featured;

  • Step 1 – Assess whether you need home care,
  • Step 2 – Register with My Aged Care,
  • Step 3 – ACAT assessment,
  • Step 4 – Research providers in your area,
  • Step 5 – Decide on a provider.

Only the best service will suffice when seeking My Aged Care home care packages for yourself or a loved one. Partnering with Home Caring Footscray keeps you on the right path from the very first interaction.

A Convenient Approach To Home Care

Home Caring Footscray works with four core features of Care, Quality, Innovation, and Excellence. Ultimately, we serve to provide the very best in home care packages by giving you the care that you need as well as the convenience you desire. Thanks to our NDIS support, we additionally remove some of the financial pressures.

We believe that the best home care services are facilitated by working alongside families and primary caregivers at all times. We serve to help you help your loved one, building on the great work you’re already doing. This brings a range of rewarding features such as;

  • Continued consistency for the person requiring daily assistance,
    Added confidence for primary caregivers, who can always ask us for tips and help,
  • Guaranteed care at all times facilitated by our flexible approach to scheduling,
  • Transparency in relation to the financial elements,
  • Knowledge that in home care services can adapt to meet changing life circumstances,
  • Peace of mind gained from working with the best home care providers in the country,
  • Guaranteed companionship thanks to seeing the small team of carers each session,
  • Emotional respite for primary caregivers when it is most needed.

While the individual is always the priority, we appreciate the need for a united approach to care between primary caregivers and outside services like ours. Maintaining independence and happiness in the familiar surroundings of your own home has never looked better.

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Whether you have a clear vision of your personal home caring needs or would like our advisors to help build and tailor a home care package to ensure the best level of support available, Home Caring Footscray is here to help.

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