Disability Care

Disability Care

Living with a disability shouldn’t stop you from living a fulfilling life, but it does mean that a helping hand may be required to overcome some of the daily challenges around the home and further afield.

Whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, Home Caring Footscray’s team of disability providers are here to help. Our dedicated care for disabled adults extends to a range of conditions and serves to support patients as well as their primary caregivers. Discover exactly what we can do to help your family today by calling 0487 333 555!

Disability Home Care You Can Rely On

Your loved one deserves the best disability support available, and Home Caring Footscray is the best service to provide it. Since 2015, our team of disability assistance experts have cemented their place as the best disability home care providers on the market. We’ve helped (and continue to help) thousands of patients throughout Melbourne and beyond.

Our caregivers pride themselves on offering home help for disabled adults suffering from a range of physical, mental, and cognitive conditions. Your choice of disability care provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. In selecting us, you will gain;

  • The support of a skilled disability support worker that understands the condition in question,
  • A consistent service in which the patient sees the same small group of caregivers,
  • The support of a local team that guarantees punctuality and shares local reference points,
  • A form of disability assistance that is tailored to include and exclude the required elements,
  • Disability care that goes beyond physical support to provide companionship and care.

Our dedication to providing a reliable, professional, and safe home disability care service is highlighted further by a commitment to connecting with all patients on an emotional level. We encourage independence and dignity while simply providing the helping hand needed to make life a little easier.

Home Care Versus The Alternatives

Disability care at home isn’t always possible as some individuals are better suited to 24/7 assistance. For anyone living with a disability that establishes a few extra obstacles but can still safely take care of themselves for the most part, home care is a far more attractive prospect.

Home care for a disabled adult encourage the patient to remain at home and gain regular visits from a professional disability support worker to take care of the tasks that the patient struggles with. Reasons for preferring this route include;

  • Continue to live with a spouse, relatives, or pet,
  • Know that any support received comes courtesy of a one-on-one interaction,
  • Stay independent and unrestricted by visiting times to see friends and family,
  • Avoid any risks relating to medical or dietary mix-ups,
  • Continue to live in familiar surroundings in relation to the property and Footscray,
  • Avoid the threat of being defined by a disability,
  • Know that the level of care can be adjusted should personal circumstances change,
  • Reduce the costs of disability care and retain the biggest financial asset,

Disability care at home is often the preferred route from a logistical and financial perspective. The main incentive, though, revolves around the emotional rewards. Retaining a sense of independence creates a far happier environment. That should be a big enough incentive for anyone to take this path over the alternatives, especially when you have the support of an award-winning team like ours.

Disability Care That Extends To The Family

Disabilities don’t only impact the individual. Families and caregivers will find that the physical and mental limitations will take a toll on their lives too. Caring for a disabled person out of love is a wonderful thing, but it’s very hard work too. Home Caring Footscray thrives on working with spouses and relatives to find the best plan of action.

We truly believe that working together is the best way to ensure that the disabled individual gains the right support at all times. So, in addition to the quality of direct care, we can help you to help your loved one. Our support for families includes;

  • Offering respite care and overnight services,
  • Providing support by answering questions you may have,
  • Developing tactics that all caregivers can use for added consistency,
  • Providing transparency and updates to keep you in the know,
  • Working to a flexible schedule to reflect modern life.

Regardless of how frequently our services are needed, we are committed to fitting into the family’s schedule and lifestyle. Working together provides the best support for us as well as primary caregivers, which ultimately generates the best hoe help for disabled adults too.

What Tasks Do We Help With?

Disability can affect different people in different ways, not least because the list of physical, mental, and cognitive disabilities is so widely varied. Our caregivers pride ourselves on getting to know the individual, their condition, and its impacts.

We support disabled adults in many different ways, providing assistance in a range of daily tasks. This covers household care, personal care, and various other features. Our care plans are always personalised to the needs of the individual, and can include;

  • Preparing meals and completing daily household chores,
  • Bathing, getting dressed, and helping individuals use the restroom,
  • Completing daily chores outside of the home,
  • Providing companionship and emotional support,
  • Helping disabled adults integrate with their community,
  • Administering medications and offering wound care treatments,
  • Offering support with physical activity and home exercises,
  • Support with NDIS applications.

Given the many different disabilities and conditions that could impact a person’s life, it’s impossible to list all types of support that may be needed. Regardless of the situation or frequency of visits, our disability assistance provides a safe and comfortable surrounding at all times. Furthermore, we can adapt the care to suit changes for ongoing comfort and happiness.

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Whether for yourself or a loved one, home disability care is often the best way to gain the necessary helping hand while retaining independence and living in familiar surroundings. With experts specialising in a comprehensive range of conditions, Home Caring Footscray is the answer.

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